New First Bank "Micro Branch" -- Downtown St. Louis, MO

Remote Teller Banking

Banks have been getting smaller and smaller, and now many are introducing "self-service" facilities.  These are possible because of the introduction of ITMs (Interactive Teller Machines), which function as an ATM with direct video link to a remote teller.  Bank customers (especially younger ones) are so accustomed now to transacting business by phone or on-line, it is believed most will actually prefer the convenience and efficiency of interactive banking.

First Bank's initial entry into this new approach is a "Micro Branch" opening mid December, 2019 at 7th and Washington in downtown St. Louis in the MX Building.  The new branch consists essentially of a 24-hour, card-access customer vestibule with an ATM and ITM.  There is a supporting small conference room and bathroom for use as a satellite bank office or for customer / banker scheduled meetings.

Paradigm Architects, LLC designed the branch and produced permit documents in the first couple of weeks of October.  This is very much a fast-tracked design and construction project.

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See a floor plan and existing context photos of this project.