CMA Recycling Corporation - Office Renovation and Addition

U.K. based Meretec Limited, a recycling technologies company, developed a proprietary, “green” process for recycling zinc powder from galvanized scrap steel. In late 2007, Paradigm Architects, LLC was commissioned to plan Meretec’s regional administrative headquarters at this East Chicago, Indiana plant.

During planning, CMA Recycling Corporation, an Australian metals processor and licensee of the Meretec Process, purchased Meretec’s intellectual and physical property. The resulting master plan parallels Meretec’s / CMA’s essential business plan, in that the decision was made to recycle and reuse the existing 1920s – 1940s industrial / art deco masonry structures.

Paradigm’s exterior solution blends contemporary, high-tech circulation elements with restored existing features. This allows a much clearer and simplified interior scheme that will function as a state-of-the-art administration and technology center for the plant’s new recycling processes. The design features zinc and recycled metal finishes and details to reinforce CMA’s corporate mission. Glass and metal front and rear circulation features are intended to be both inviting and functional as working spaces that offer views of the diverse, adjacent plant activities.